Tournament Attire

Students should exhibit an appearance in dress and behavior that is above reproach during competition. How students look communicates nearly as much as what they say. In general, tournament attire is:

  • Business dress, pants or skirt with a blazer and blouse or sweater and dress shoes
  • Business suit or jacket and slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress socks and dress shoes
  • All hair should be worn in a professional manner and may not obstruct a team member’s face

All team members are expected to remain in tournament dress throughout the duration of the tournament. Team members receiving awards must be in tournament dress. No team member will be allowed on stage at any tournament in casual attire. Students eliminated from competition, and not receiving an award, may change at a tournament to a casual outfit. However, students may not edit their professional attire at tournaments to become more casual if they are finished at the tournament (e.g. removing a tie, rolling up sleeves, untucking dress shirts).

All casual dress must comply with the standards and expectations of the dress code in each school’s student handbook.