Online Tourneys

Because of COVID-19, the status of in-person debate tournaments is on hold. As such, tournaments will be operating on various online debate platforms. Many area competitions will be running on NSDA Campus, which is an affordable option for tournaments that cannot meet in person due to school closures or capacity limitations, or tournaments that opt to go online to avoid travel and/or travel expenses. NSDA Campus offers free practice space for NSDA members, built into NSDA accounts. Current NSDA members can log in and experience the video conferencing portion of NSDA Campus now. NSDA Campus practice rooms are accessible via the left sidebar on the Account page.

Currently, NSDA Campus has the basics needed to run a virtual speech and debate competition. This includes videoconferencing, chat, contact forms, hand raising, the ability to create general purpose tournament rooms, a meeting squad room for each participating school, access to online ballots, live streaming via an external application, and room access permissions. NSDA Campus is a synchronous use platform.

Some features that are not currently part of NSDA Campus include event management and tournament setup support, event insurance, the ability to brand the space for your tournament, evidence sharing, automated Extemp draw, event recording, on-call technology and tournament administration support, the ability to control screen view at the tournament level (and therefore offer split-screen Duo), and breakout rooms.

While quality of a virtual room can and will vary based on many factors, in general, NSDA Campus can effectively support up to 15 users with video and audio per room. 

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