Coaching Resources

Coaches, whether experienced or new to the world of competitive speech and debate, can always use assistance teaching public speaking skills in in the classroom or putting together weekend tournament paperwork.

What is provided here is an introduction to our global village. Being a debate coach is generally divided into two separately areas: CLASSROOM (TEACHING), and COACHING (ADMINISTERING). The various folders of information in this on-line curriculum guide are departmentalized as such; however, there are bound to be some areas where cross-application takes place. That’s OK. It’s better to have too much than not enough.

Additionally, because this is a continual “work in progress,” there may be some files in need of updating or that are missing. Let us know, we’ll work on it!

This is a database of lessons, units, exams, and other important informational items. Coaches are encouraged to use and adapt anything you find in these materials to their classroom, team, and coaching requirements and preferences.